1. The costumes are to be returned within 3 days from the day the costumes are rented.
  2. Additional rental will be charged for each day late at the normal rental rate.
  3. All rentals are calculated from the time of rental whether costumes / items are used or not.
  4. The hirer shall keep the rented goods in good condition and is responsible for replacing any damage or loss that may occur to any item.
  5. The amount charged to replace, repair or to do extra cleaning / washing of a costume / accessory is separate from the rental fee. The charge will be advised and determined by Costumes Empire
  6. Costumes Empire will be entitled to utilise the deposit towards outstanding rental and / or the replacement of damaged goods.
  7. If the deposit is insufficient to replace or restore the damaged goods Costumes Empire is entitled to demand the hirer an extra amount deemed fit.
  8. No items shall be altered without written consent from Costumes Empire
  9. All rental, deposit or down payment will be forfeited if this contract is cancelled.




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