Kuala Lumpur’s favourite costume hire / Rental shop

How to get there (By car) :
From Ampang on Jalan Ampang heading in the direction of KLCC;
Pass Hotel Interncontinental (formerly Nikko)--> Standard Chartered bank --> MCA --> Restaurant Chef Choi --> Immediately after Pelita Nasi Kandar, we are in WISMA CENTRAL. If you pass KLCC on your left you have gone too far.

How to get there (By train) :
Nearest station KLCC --> please take stairs on your left & WISMA CENTRAL will be right in front of you.. few steps away & if take stairs at your right, you will heading to ANGKASARAYA, BANGUNAN GETAH ASLI, PUBLIC BANK & SO ON...

Darling customers, this is how u can get to us from various points once you're in the building complex

1) From main entrance, walk towards information counter --->
2) Please turn to your left---> *on your right is Razak Corner (Indian restaurant) *on your left is hair saloon (belongs to our friend, Terry)
3) You will see the lifts, and go to 7th fllor of course! --->
4) Exit the lift and please turn to your right--->
5) Just walk a few steps away...!! You're at our 3000 sq.ft. Suite 7.07

If you're coming from 2nd floor and 3rd floor parking (main lift at the center) - please follow instruction no.3 onwards If you coming from 2nd lift (only 2 lifts btw) - i suppose you just have to turn to your left and walk few steps away

Worse case u just have to walk in a circle at 7th floor, it's not big so not to worry & we always answer our phone within 3 rings just in case you really have no sense of direction. Kidding people!

Costumes Empire (001771732-D),
Penthouse Suite 7.07, 7th Floor Wisma Central,
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03 2164 3698 / 03 2181 6398 / 0111.5713.651
(During Opening Hours only)

Email: sales@costumesempire.com