Kuala Lumpur’s favourite costume hire / Rental shop

How to get there (By car) :
From Ampang on Jalan Ampang heading in the direction of KLCC;
Pass Hotel Interncontinental (formerly Nikko)--> Standard Chartered bank --> MCA --> Restaurant Chef Choi --> Immediately after Pelita Nasi Kandar, we are in WISMA CENTRAL. If you pass the Four Seasons Hotel (Robinsons) or KLCC on your left you have gone too far.

How to get there (By train) :
Nearest station KLCC --> please take stairs on your left & WISMA CENTRAL will be right in front of you.. few steps away & if take stairs at your right, you will heading to ANGKASARAYA, BANGUNAN GETAH ASLI, PUBLIC BANK & SO ON...

Darling customers, this is how u can get to us from various points once you're in the building complex

1) From main entrance, walk towards information counter --->
2) Please turn to your left---> *on your right is Razak Corner (Indian restaurant) *on your left is hair saloon (belongs to our friend, Terry)
3) You will see the lifts, and go to 1st floor of course! --->
4) Exit the lift, head towards the central stairwell and please turn to your right--->
5) Just walk a few steps and next to Wisma Tailor you'll see our shop. Look out for a manequin with a fancy costume on!

If you're coming from 2nd floor and 3rd floor parking (main lift at the center) - please follow instruction no.3 onwards If you coming from 2nd lift (only 2 lifts btw) - i suppose you just have to turn to your left and walk few steps away

Worse case u just have to walk in a circle at 7th floor, it's not big so not to worry & we always answer our phone within 3 rings just in case you really have no sense of direction. Kidding people!

Costumes Empire (001771732-D),
Lot 2.36 & 2.37, 1st Floor Wisma Central,
Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03 2164 3698 / 03 2181 6398 / 0111.5713.651
(During Opening Hours only)

Email: sales@costumesempire.com